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We prepare Inventories to produce lists of the contents of a property. These give a full description of the interior and its contents including their condition.

This is then signed by the tenant and then becomes a legally binding document which shows that the tenant accepts the content and condition of the property on the date of signature. An Inventory must be detailed and accurate to be the most effective.


Check In

This is a report of the property when new tenants are moving in; we work with the inventory document as above to ensure that any differences are documented before the tenants sign the declaration. Meter readings are taken and all of the property keys are handed over to the new tenant at this time.

The tenant is informed that the check-out will be completed in the same way hence; the property needs to be kept in the closest of conditions at "check-in" as "check-out" to enable the very best deposit returned at the end of the tenancy. We therefore advise the new tenants at this point how they should leave the property at the end of the tenancy.


Check Out

Working with the signed copy of the Inventory we will cross check the condition on the document while producing the Check-Out report. We will look for damages, cleanliness, missing items and will note items left at the property which are not on the Inventory as there could be expenses for the landlord to dispose of these.

A check-out report forms the basis of the deposit being returned to the tenant less any dilapidations (deductions). This document is completed by us “The Independent Inventory Company” in the presence of any dispute the Inventory Clerk/Company is the independent party.

Fair Wear and Tear (FWT) on the property must be expected; this can be best  assessed by an Independent Inventory Clerk. The law says that “it is not necessary for an old item to be replaced with a new one” Therefore a tenant will only be expected to pay on a pro-rata basis (compensation cost) on a like for like replacement. Fair wear and tear on your property assessed by the condition documented in the inventory at the start of the tenancy, the age of the property in question, and the soiling or damage to the property in question.

Additional services available at a Check-Out - See Below




The Inventory Clerk is usually requested to carry out an inspection on a quarterly basis. The clerk will use the Check-In Report to assess and compare the condition of the actual property and contents. Therefore producing a quarterly Inspection Report

After all the property does belong to a landlord who would need to be informed of any issues as they arise. This works in both the Landlord & Tenants best interests. In the event of any work redeemed necessary we would happily obtain a very competitive quote for any work(s)


Property Management

You may have your own letting agent that takes care of your property management for you; if this is the case and you are happy where you are then continue with them.

If however you would like a more personal touch please feel free to give us a call. We have great customer liaisons and we feel it is always good to talk to our clients…….The personal touch goes a long way!

Here at Berkshire Inventories we are always happy to assist in any way possible with Property Management. In the event of any work redeemed necessary we would happily obtain a very competitive quote for any work(s)

We also offer a prompt:

Emergency Maintenance Service, If you have any type of property repair inc. routine and emergency work.

Emergency Drain Service, call out is possble 24-7 with Dial-A-Rod If you are in need of any type of urgent  or routine drain work.

Prompt Carpet Cleaning & Oven Cleaning following Check-Outs


It is always more cost effective and efficient to keep your properties, Investments and Inventories up to date.  This is very easily done at Berkshire Inventories because

      We will work from a previously made Inventory.

      Our updates always produce a Re-Make of your current Inventory

      We offer a personal touch

      Prompt Emergency Maintenance

      An Emergency Drain Service offering a 24-7 call out with Dial-A-Rod

       Prompt Carpet Cleaning & Oven Cleaning following Check-Outs



*Berkshire Inventories Ltd have full Public Liability & Professional Indemnity
*Full Members of the AIIC